About Us

Founded in May 1944, Alden Baptist Church is a family-oriented Baptist church that spreads God's love and teachings throughout our community. We are a loving and caring congregation that welcomes anyone. We want to help people of all ages get the spiritual enlightenment they need. Every day, we make it a goal to reach out in the community and bring men, women, and children closer to the Lord.

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Church Anniversary

This year our church celebrates 78 years of service in Springfield, Massachusetts. Our Father has brought us a long way, and our faith in Him has stayed strong throughout the journey.

Since HM Hutchins founded our ministry, we have been able to touch the lives of many people throughout our area and beyond. We hope to continue spreading positivity for many more years to come. Our new pastor, as well as our congregation, is open to the challenge.

Giving to our Church

Help us reach God's children by contributing to our ministry. We accept offerings for our missions and outreach services, as well as general tithes. With your support, we'll be able to help those in need anywhere. For instance, we'll use your contributions to fund our mission work locally and internationally.