Pathways to Connecting

Alden’s Avenue: You are Valued! You are Loved! You are Family! Here at Alden, we desire to warmly welcome, embrace and walk alongside you in your life journey. We strive to live by God’s word and be guided by His holy spirit as one family. We invite you to join us in being A.L.D.E.N.

Our ministries are here to serve you and your family and find a place to connect:

Christian Education
College & Young Adults

Deacon & Deaconess
Health & Wellness

Music & Worship Arts

Sound Technology

Inter-Cultural and Inter-Generational Connectivity

Whether at worship, bible study, or as part of various other ministry activities, it will not take long to witness and experience the evergrowing diversity at Alden. An energetic, and wisdom infused intertwining of multiple generations and cultures worshiping Christ in a shared sacred space is indeed a sight to behold. Alden values, represents and mirrors the beauty and diversity of the communities it lives in, laughs with and loves dearly. We strive to cultivate a spirit-filled environment that values all persons, of all ages, and all cultures; after all we believe we are all A.L.D.E.N. F.A.M.I.L.Y.!


Authentic | Loving | Devoted | Empowering | Nourishing


Regularly engage in our Sunday morning worship service, weekly bible study classes and other Christian Education programs and fellowship activities. Learn more about God’s word to strengthen your faith, as you become an integral part of Alden’s family. We are family and we love to fellowship. After attending join our beloved Pastor for pasta and pastries or lunch with any of our leadership team so that we can better get to know each other.



Explore opportunities to spiritually and personally grow into all that you were created to be. Clarify your life’s passions and purpose, while actively sharing your gifts, time and treasures by getting involved with ministry to serve within the church and our local communities. Partner with our highly educated and experience clergy members and participating in one of more of our various discipleship development academies to further equip you as a servant leader for God. 



Joyfully express your renewed strength, while making a difference in the lives of others across diverse communities, cultures, and creeds. Work with others to become more culturally aware and better able to develop dynamic relationships. Search for ways to become more victorious in Christ and assist others in living their best lives now as part of an Authentic | Loving | Devoted | Empowering | Nourishing F.A.M.I.L.Y.