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Our Vision

Alden is a multi-generational Kingdom ministry that demonstrates the saving power of the Christ anointing that transcends diverse ethnic, racial, educational, socio-economic, and denominational boundaries. Engaged with and Empowered by the holy spirit, we lead others to a reconciled relationship with Christ to become equipped to transform the world, one community at a time.




Located in the center of Springfield’s Old Hill and McKnight neighborhoods of historic Victorian architecture, Alden is bordered primarily by African-American and Hispanic neighborhoods. Many would be surprised to learn that Springfield is the third largest city in the state and considered part of the greater Hartford-Springfield urban area that includes over 32 universities and liberal arts colleges. These strong academic institutions are also bordered by other churches, businesses, government and social agencies, which provide clear pathways for Alden to partner together to better serve the community. 

Alden is advancing into a new season and attempting to broaden its impact in this urban area that is advocating for the more relevant, vibrant and engaging church that Alden continues to establish. It is building on its tremendous heritage of spiritual passion, committed senior leadership, and growing membership, led by the Anointed and Authentic leadership of our Pastor, Rev. Dr. L.A. Love.



The mission of Alden Baptist Church is to Engage, Evangelize, and Empower individuals in becoming change agents for Christ.







We are called to authentically and unapologetically represent Christ to the world.





We intentionally investment in people and inspire life-producing engagement & activism.





We empower believers to live as generous and prosperous stewards of all resources provided by Christ.





We provide beautiful and safe spaces for the equipping of Christ’s change agents.



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