A.L.D.E.N. Youth

Alden’s youth ministry is the life source of the church and community. It is designed for youth to embody the mission of the church of Engaging, Evangelizing, and Empowering individuals to become change agents for Christ. It’s within the youth ministry that our students Acknowledge their firm biblical foundation, Affirm their uniqueness, and Active the necessary changes needed in transforming the world, starting in their local schools and community. Spiritual leadership education, training and development is an emphasis as a means of equipping our youth in becoming the change agent Christ desires for them to be. 

Alden’s youth ministry can expect support, encouragement, and guidance as they continue to deepen their relationship with Christ. On Friday evenings and other designated times, Alden’s youth have the opportunity to gather to establish lifelong connections and have fun while growing in biblical knowledge and involved in community engagement activities.