Our History

On May 10, 1944, Reverend Hezekiah M. Hutchings and a small group of people met and after much prayer, decided to organize a church.  On June 1, 1944 the congregation elected Rev. Hutchings as Pastor of Alden Street Baptist Church.  Following the election of Rev. Hutchings, Alden's first church facility, Vesa Hall, located at 35 Alden Street was purchased as the first place of worship.  In 1960, fire damaged the building and the congregation worshiped at First Baptist Church Springfield until renovations were completed.  In 1969, after 25 years of service, Rev. Hutchings retired and remained active in the Church and community until his death in 1981.  

In February 1971, Rev. Miles T. Crawford was installed as the second Pastor of Alden Street Baptist Church.  The congregation continued to grow, thus creating the need for a larger place of worship.  The facilities of First Baptist Church Springfield, located at 649 State Street, was purchased for $100,000.00.  On the first Sunday in September 1980, the congregation marched from Alden Street to its new place of worship and the church's name was changed from Alden Street Baptist Church to Alden Baptist Church.  Rev. Crawford served as Pastor for thirteen years until his resignation in 1984 to become the founder of the Zion Community Baptist Church.

In October 1985, Rev. Brandon K. Marshall was elected as the third Pastor of Alden Baptist Church.  Under his pastorate the congregation continued to grow, along with the establishment of a Women's Prayer Group.  Participation in prayer meetings, bible study and Sunday School increased under the leadership of Rev. Marshall.  Rev. Marshall served as Pastor for eight years, until his resignation in October 1993 to accept the pastorate of the First Missionary Baptist Church in Dothan, Alabama.

In December 1994, Rev. J. Willard Cofield, Jr., (Interim Pastor) was elected the fourth Pastor of Alden Baptist Church.  Under Rev. Cofield's pastorate, Alden Friday Night, H.M. Hutchings Family Life Center, renovation of the third floor and many other initiatives were completed.  Also, nine Deacons were ordained, five Ministers were licensed and three Ministers were ordained.  After 20 years of service, Rev. Cofield retired in December 2014.

On March 26, 2017 Rev. Dr. L.A. Love was elected to serve as the new Senior Pastor of Alden Baptist Church.  Dr. Love officially began his tenure at Alden on May 1, 2017 and on September 17, 2017,  Dr. Love was installed as the fifth Pastor of Alden Baptist Church.