College & Young Adults

Whether you have come from near or far, we are glad that you are here. Congratulations on your accomplishment of getting to college and it is our desire to assist you in getting through college by being your home away from home. Likewise, for all young adults whether a college student or not. This is an important evolving period in your life for self-exploration, growth and maturation to occur and we desire to be the support system you need to grow in Christ, champion for community change, and create a healthy lifestyle.

Through specific designated college and youth worship opportunities and small groups, young adults are able to build a life within a secure and refreshing faith community that does not mind feeding you spiritually as well as also feeding you naturally by providing homecooked meals to help you get through this season in your life. After all, at A.L.D.E.N., you are F.A.M.I.L.Y.