A.L.D.E.N. Kids

We partner with parents and guardians to offer age-appropriate curriculums, classes, and creative activities to build a solid biblical foundation for our children, young adults and students. We are committed to working with everyone to build Christ-centered families as a model that every individual is valued and aided in becoming an effectively equipped and victorious vibrant in Christ.

Birth – 2 Years Old

Your little ones will be in a safe and nurturing environment where qualified staff meet their needs. Baby activities may include playing with age appropriate toys, listening to encouraging and soothing music, looking at books, or enjoying supervised tummy time.


3 – 5 Years Old

Utilizing creative ideas to bring the bible to life, we introduce them to Christ in ways that are fun and engaging through interactive lessons, songs, and games. We foster an environment that encourages our preschoolers to organically enjoy themselves and engage with others.

K – 5th Grade

Our elementary students begin to blossom in their creativity of understanding of who God is to them. Our focus is developing a solid faith foundation. We provide a safe place for them to process their budding faith while actively having fun engaging in creative activities and having fun connecting with other children their age.