Christian Education

Alden is a multi-generational Kingdom ministry that demonstrates the saving power of Christ’s anointing that transcends diverse ethnic, racial, educational, socio-economic, and denominational boundaries. Engaged with and Empowered by the holy spirit, we lead others to a reconciled relationship with Christ to become equipped to transform the world, one community at a time.

Matthew 4:18 & Luke 24:45


At Alden, we believe that the sap to the world’s sorrow lies within and emanates out of the Word of God.



We willingly and passionately assimilate our lives to align with God’s principles and promises for our lives by saturating ourselves with the unchangeable, immutable, and all-powerful holy scriptures. Alden places a premium on cultivating a spirit-filled environment that invites God to provide an understanding of his holy scripture that is relevant, applicable and empowering to all age groups. Our diverse and experienced instructors benefit from mentoring and ministry development by our Pastor and clergy staff.